75% of Illegal Immigrants to the U.S. Are Christians, and American Christians Want to Kill Them With Razor Wire

Ray Katz
3 min readFeb 23, 2024

What would Jesus do?

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Unless you don’t recognize Catholics as Christians, about 75% of the illegal immigrants arriving in the United States are, in fact, Christians. (2/3rds of those illegal Christian immigrants are Catholic and 1/3rd of them are Protestant.) The biggest, harshest and most vocal critics of illegal immigrants also claim to be Christians.

However, I do not consider people who want to kill immigrants with razor wire stretched across the Rio Grande river to be followers of Jesus. That’s simply not what Jesus preached. In fact, Christ passionately preached the exact opposite, in clear and unambiguous language.

What the Hell Is Wrong With People?

I understand that people are worried and fearful of people who they perceive to be “other.” Even though that kind of fear is wrong-headed thinking, it’s a common human failing. What I don’t get is how they can attribute their hatred, fear and bigotry to Jesus.

That whole Good Samaritan parable. That’s all about being kind to strangers, to foreigners, to people who lives different lives and come from different lands. It’s not that hard to understand. A person would need to be willfully ignorant to NOT get it.

I mean, can’t those people read? Can it be that they obsess about Jesus and the Bible but don’t know what He preached, or what the Bible commands?

I guess they can. But it’s the most extreme and wrong-headed bit of self-deception I have ever seen.

Summary of the Right Wing Bible: “Those who do not work shall not eat.”

From what I read, the favorite passage and indeed pretty much the only passage in the Bible cited by loudly self-proclaimed “Christian” (sic) politicians is the one that says “Those who do not work shall not eat.” This is used to justify allowing poor people — who can’t get jobs because nobody will hire them, or they have a disability, or they are young and helpless children, to go hungry.

For these so-called Christians, “suffer little children” is a commandment. And these…



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