I am committed to doing everything in my power to end climate abuse and restore the Earth's climate to health insofar as possible. I have written A Climate Declaration as a framework to mobilize the maximum number of people worldwide to force the necessary changes. I ask you to please read it, download it and share it widely.

Awareness is the first step.

I feel confident that there are literally billions of people worldwide—especially parents—who are anxious to fix the climate and secure a decent future for their children and future generations. These people feel alone and helpless, but if they realize their numbers are in the millions (or more likely, billions), they can be emboldened to act. They will NOT feel invisible and helpless any longer.

This is the objective of A Climate Declaration. This is intended to inspire a decentralized movement, with specific demands but no individual leader or leaders with which to negotiate. As such, these demands are firm:

ACD requires all world leaders—who have failed consistently for decades to do anything meaningful to stop climate collapse—to resign or be removed. It demands that they be replaced by young climate activists, people with a demonstrated record of caring, and who's generation will inherit this damaged planet. It envisions these young leaders overseeing a global climate rescue project, bigger than the Manhattan Project and Apollo combined, created and managed by climate scientists and engineers.

Time is short. Our planet is at Code Red. We are only on the first step—getting our plan visible and attracting a large number of active supporters. Please help today. We don't need money—we need you to make some noise!

Thank you.


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