Decades of Productivity Gains and Labor Saving Devices — But Still Compelled to Work Long Hours at Shrinking Real Pay

Ray Katz
5 min readFeb 25, 2024

Better days were always ahead. We’ve been swindled.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

The future never came. At least not the better future, the one we were promised. Instead of the Jetsons, it’s becoming clear that Mad Max is on the way.

What happened?

The answer is greed and selfishness and the adrenaline rush of the rat race. Hey, you are just a few bitcoins short of becoming a billionaire! How exciting!

But that doesn’t happen either. What happens instead is the climate starts collapsing, and we get plagues and shortages and killer storms and brutal heatwaves. Conditions you never heard of like Bomb Cyclones and Atmospheric Rivers and Category 6 Hurricanes.

Everything is rushing towards collapse, but the news is about Tucker Carlson, and Alabama deciding that frozen embryos are babies, and Trump’s campaign and legal woes. Yes, there’s an election coming up, and it’s as if we don’t give a crap that the climate is collapsing, that our children and grandchildren will inherit a dying planet. The only question is — how can we spin events so that my geriatric candidate wins?

The media and the leaders of the world are fiddling while our planet burns. In fact, they are pouring oil on the inferno. They’ve been doing that for decades. It’s time that we stop listening, that we pay attention to what’s important, and that WE START TALKING LOUD and INSIST ON BEING HEARD.

My Eyeballs and My Life Aren’t For Sale

The media and politicians haven’t got a clue what matters to people economically. It’s simply this:

We work too many hours and are always financially struggling and insecure. The “safety net” is a cruel maze, and big business holds most of the cards — including a government that works to ensure a huge steady supply of desperate workers — US.

Every other statistic or interpretation of the data is bullcrap.

We are expected to embrace competition, to try to figure out how WE PERSONALLY can escape the rat race. Who cares about the other guy?



Ray Katz

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