Finding Opportunities to Denounce the Oil Scam

Ray Katz
3 min readAug 10, 2022

Leaders worldwide have no plan to stabilize the climate. Nor do they have any intention to try.

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We need to belabor the obvious because our leaders and their absurd media pals won’t tell the truth. And the truth is as undeniable as it is obvious. So, let’s all say it out loud, publicly, and as frequently as possible.

Let’s yell it from the mountaintops.

Our so-called leaders worldwide have failed to preserve a habitable Earth and we are witnessing climate collapse everywhere. They must resign, and we must turn over the Earth to the young, the people who will inherit the disaster those failed leaders created.

What we must make happen.

The old leaders have no moral grounds (or indeed even ability) to “serve” and the young are entitled to try to rescue their planet NOW, while there is still (a little) time. So, put young climate leaders in charge TODAY. Let them direct a worldwide program to end climate abuse, slash C02 emissions, end the use of fossil fuels, and ramp up clean energy. Let this program be designed and executed by climate scientists and engineers.

Here’s the issue:

This absolutely morally imperative approach isn’t even on the radar yet. The same idiots who are destroying the planet (or serving the people destroying the planet) have the microphone.

WE MUST SEIZE THE MICROPHONE. And our approach is simply this:

  1. Never listen to or respond to the “business as usual” nonsense; there’s plenty of nonsense being spouted. Don’t take the bait and argue with them. Let their stinking lies rot where they lay.
  2. Find simple clear ways to state the truth. “Our leaders have failed and the young must be put in charge to save the planet they will inherit. This must happen NOW.” You can use the same words over and over. Or say it a few different ways. But keep repeating the message.

Being Persistent and Getting Our Message Out There

The next question is WHERE and HOW?

My answer is, I don’t really know. Please give me your thoughts in your comments below. However, here’s a few quick ideas.



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