Fossil Fuel Climate Destroyer Not Interested in Facing Reality at This Time

Ray Katz
3 min readApr 16, 2022
Reminding a fossil fuel honcho that his children will struggle for survival on a damage Earth

So, I’ve been trying to contact the people who are in charge of destroying the climate for profit in an attempt to change their minds and their behavior. I know that most people believe these climate destroyers are evil and greedy and cannot be changed.

That may be true. Or not. I’m hoping for the latter. In fact, I believe that the climate destroyers — at least some of them — can be reached and can wake up. In fact, in at least one case, it HAS happened. An Australian billionaire is transforming his business — a huge effort — to become climate friendly. He’s obsessed and appears to be doing a very good job.

This, to me, proves that at least in some cases, waking up climate destroyers is possible and that this effort is worthwhile.

In any case, back to my (so far) unfruitful efforts.

Recently, using InMail on LinkedIn, I contacted several climate destroyers — mostly high-level officials at oil companies — reminding them that their own children and grandchildren will struggle to survive on the damaged planet they are creating. And, suggesting, that for the sake of their own children and their relationship with them, they might want to reverse course. RIGHT NOW.

So he’s “not interested at this time.”

So far, only one has responded. He said he’s not interested…at this time. My conclusion is this: in at least one case, the climate destroyer saw my post and responded. Even though that response was negative.

My next step will be to find a way to work my messages so they are not declined. This will take some hard thinking but it is doable. Because, I don’t see the climate destroyers as inhuman beasts. I see them as human beings — like me — who sometimes make bad decisions.

Yeah, I can honestly empathize with them while wholly disapproving of their activities that are abusing the Earth. I intend to deploy that empathy more forcefully. That’s the way to reach people.

In the case of the Australian guy, nobody was taking aim at him. He just happened to read something and cared about the climate. He…

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