Fossil Fuel Companies Intentionally Leak Massive Amounts of Methane and Lie About It

Ray Katz
2 min readOct 3, 2022

And they want you to focus on a single terrible incident of possible “eco-terrorism” while they continue to destroy the climate.

Photo by Helio Dilolwa on Unsplash

Wouldn’t it be great, the fossil fuel companies are thinking, if we get protection for our continued (profitable) climate abuse while our enemies — people who want to stabilize the climate — take the blame?

The EPA removed all regulations on methane leaks in 2020, another ridiculous Trump Administration initiative. But nothing was being done to restrict those emissions. Even tracking methane leaks was ridiculous. The EPA collected “information” which was voluntary reporting by the companies themselves.

Satellite tracking showed what we could guess: the companies lied and routinely under-reported their climate abuse, by a wide margin. A few companies engage in “methane capture,” but the problem is severe and clearly voluntary action won’t do it.

In fact, complete methane capture wouldn’t do it. We are at Code Red and we need to STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS. That’s what’s needed. We waited way too long (listening to the liars) and did nothing. Now, we need to take desperate and extreme measures to stabilize the climate if we hope to hand over a habitable planet to our children.

And we aren’t even attempting to do that. We are, instead, looking for financial incentives and other toothless measures; pretending to care. It’s like offering a tax cut to the Nazis if they kill fewer Jews. Morally, the whole approach is reprehensible. And practically, this ridiculous approach has no effect whatsoever.

Except to provide a thin cover while business as usual continues.

Now, I don’t know any more than anyone else what caused the Nord pipeline methane leak. I read that it’s sabotage. There’s a lot of speculative blame. But I do see one thing: sabotage is considered a crime against humanity and sparks rage. But routine climate abuse — of a level and consistency and frequency that will turn the Earth into a burnt dead husk of a planet — continues to get a free pass.

Hey, the poor fossil fuel companies are the victims here. That’s the tone of the conversation going around.

I say just the opposite. Pipelines and all fossil fuel infrastructure SHOULD be sabotaged. Just not in the careless dangerous way that was done in this case. But, since authorities and the entire establishment is protecting those destroying our children’s Earth, WE should support sabotage. At the moment, noncooperation and sabotage are the only meaningful options available to us.

Please read How To Blow Up A Pipeline by Andreas Malm. And my own A Climate Declaration.

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