Is the Oil Infrastructure Falling Apart or Being Destroyed?

Ray Katz
2 min readSep 28, 2022

Suspicious multiple leaks in the Nord Stream pipeline instill fear (or in my case, HOPE) of sabotage

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Putin’s Russia and the West may be fighting over Ukraine, but they share a love of the substance that is destroying the habitability of the Earth — oil. That’s why both are fearful of possible sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline which is designed to bring Russian gas to Germany.

When it comes to protecting the climate, East meets West and they are unified in their desire to continue burning fossil fuels — destroying the habitability of the Earth before our children can inherit it.

Pipelines tend to leak, so leaks are not usually that suspicious. But, in this case, there are MULTIPLE leaks which has generated suspicion that they are intentional. Could climate activists have been behind this?

I think that would be just swell. Since nobody in position of authority has done anything meaningful to stem climate collapse — and in fact authorities everywhere have PROMOTED it — it’s up to ordinary people, those with no authority, to save the climate. Sabotage shouldn’t be necessary but continued catastrophic failure by “leaders” worldwide may have made this necessary. And I bet soon they and their supporters will have the audacity to label those who are desperately trying to rescue our Earth as terrorists.

What irony!

In any case, neither I nor any sane and caring people will fall for that. A third of Pakistan is under water yet even Pakistan’s leaders continue to promote fossil fuels. That is insanity. That is unfathomable cruelty and stupidity. And the leadership of EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH is complicit.

How To Blow Up A Pipeline

Andreas Malm, a climate activist, published a slim and largely ignored volume called How To Blow Up A Pipeline. It points out that protests and politics have failed to do anything to stop climate collapse. He says that more direct action is necessary. And, although he actually doesn’t give instructions on how to blow up a pipeline, he makes a strong case for direct action to destroy fossil fuel infrastructure.

He believes that this would make fossil fuels a risky investment, and spur a sharp turn towards clean energy. He thinks that making fossil fuels a dangerous investment would change things where business and government leaders have failed.

I believe he has a point. And, although I am promoting a different approach (please see A Climate Declaration), I understand and respect his viewpoint. And, I’m wondering if the age of fossil fuel sabotage has begun.

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