Murdering the Unborn

Photo Credit: Pavel Danilyuk at Pexels

Right wingers and evangelicals loudly proclaim their love and concern for the unborn. Left wingers accuse them of ONLY caring about the unborn, and possibly about themselves. Nobody else.

In any case, the unborn are in deadly danger and nobody is coming to their aid. Wealthy oil profiteers are destroying the climate, openly, right in front of our eyes and although some people are protesting, nobody in a position of power is stopping them.

That’s largely because the people in a position of power ARE oil profiteers (along with politicians they’ve purchased, and other soulless monsters destroying the planet for profit.)

That said, I urge you to ask evangelicals and right wingers: Do you care about the unborn? If so, what are you doing for them? What happens when the storms, heatwaves and wildfires today grow more severe and more frequent? When the economy collapses, as it cannot continue functioning on a hostile planet?

If they start talking about the cost of fixing the climate or denying reality of climate catastrophe (which is something they do), tell them the truth:

“If you actually love the unborn, you’d demand that it be fixed at ANY cost. If not, how much is the life of an unborn child worth to you? How about ALL of the unborn children into the future who will struggle to survive looking for food and water? And a safe place to sleep?”

Most of us — myself included — are aware of and yet to some degree in denial about the climate catastrophe we face. It’s a catastrophe that we’d fooled ourselves would happen sometime in the future. Something we don’t have to worry about right now.

But it IS happening NOW.

We may or may not personally escape from the worst. But because we are doing nothing, because we are unable or unwilling to stop the oil profiteers, it will get ever worse for each succeeding generation. Our children will have it harder then us. And their children will, very likely, struggle just to stay alive.

Climate catastrophe is all about unborn children and anyone passionate about protecting the unborn would be passionate about stopping climate abuse.

Scientists and engineers and children, who, ironically, are the only mature people in the room, have identified both the problem and the only reasonable way to address it — stop burning fossil fuels and rapidly switch to clean energy like wind and solar — the latter being unlimited and free.

Yes, these energy sources could and will be better but we can’t wait. We need to work with what we have now, while also working to improve them all. We don’t even know if this is doable — the oil profiteers along with their political puppets have wasted decades and even IF we even start, we will have started dangerously late.

Nonetheless my position is this: We can’t make policy but we can talk. Write to Congress people. Not just your own. (Do you think your alleged representative won’t take a call from a wealthy donor outside his district? For that matter, do you think there’s any chance he’d personally take YOUR call?) Tell them you know that nearly every member of Congress takes money from big donors (and that they’re really bribes) and they make policy accordingly.

Tell him you know this. You’ve heard of K Street.

Demand that he stops taking money and works to save the planet. That maybe he loves money and power, but if he actually loves his own children, he will do this. He shouldn’t need persuading. And if he’s not sure, well, then we know how much he cares about his own children.

We need to do this. We need to tell people in power — corporate monsters and political lackeys — that we know what they’re doing, it’s mass murder and we hold them fully responsible.

We’re not covering for them — we’re exposing them. We’re telling everyone, everywhere, using every resource at our disposal. We won’t let it drop. We are just starting and will never, never stop.

Oh, and if an evangelical or a right winger tells you how much he cares about the unborn, but isn’t making the maximum effort to stop climate catastrophe, tell him to f-ck himself. If he’s really lucky, he won’t burn in hell. He’ll burn right here on Earth.



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Ray Katz

Ray Katz

Internet pioneer. But I’m most interested in stabilizing the Earth’s climate and promoting our common humanity.