Our Moods Are Not Climate Science

Ray Katz
3 min readSep 29, 2023

We may have a doomer temperament, but Nature doesn’t care.

As I write these words, I am on a train headed to New York City — the governor has declared a state of emergency due to flooding and continued strong rain. There is no escaping the climate crisis, even when going away for a weekend of rest and recreation.

That could put me in a really bad mood. Could. Actually, it hasn’t. I try to deal with whatever fate sends my way as cheerfully as possible. And since I’ve dealt with much worse, it’s not tough for me to keep smiling.

But this got me to think about moods and the climate crisis. It’s important to remember that moods are not science. If I feel good, it doesn’t mean everything will be okay. If I feel bad, it doesn’t mean we are all doomed.

Nature and chemistry and physics obey their own immutable rules. And scientists say we are in a dire situation, but not doomed yet. Yeah, I’m sure you can find “experts” or simply loud pundits to say that we are doomed. You can similarly find others who declare that there is no climate crisis at all.

I ignore them. My time and life is too valuable and limited to waste on such foolishness.

I listen to the scientists. So should you. So should leaders in government and business. But politicians and businessmen are following the “wisdom” of their peers — people blinded by an unquenchable thirst for money and power.

They are fools. And so we cannot depend on them. At this late date, it would be literally insane to do so.

Where Does That Leave Us?

The failure of leadership and authorities everywhere leave the climate problem as OUR problem. We could simply try to reduce our personal carbon footprints. But that’s a losing strategy that lets wealthy oil profiteers, Wall Street, and Big Oil off the hook.

That’s precisely why all of them — originally British Petroleum — are passionate proponents of individual responsibility and the concept of the Carbon Footprint.

It’s like an arsonist telling you to put out your cigarette while dousing a raging inferno with barrels of oil. We must stop the arsonists. That’s the priority. Focusing on cigarettes is aiding and…



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