Partisan Hacks Legislating From the Bench

Partisan hacks desperately pretending to have principles. Source: public domain, Wikipedia

Ever since Amy Coney Barrett made her ridiculous plea, begging people not to view the Supreme Court right wingers as partisan hacks, I have referred to them as partisan hacks.

That’s exactly what they are.

While this isn’t that new — Bush vs. Gore demonstrated the right wingers handing the the presidency to the candidate who voters rejected by more than a million votes, citing their least favorite Constitutional principle: equal protection.

That decision may have doomed our species to extinction by putting the fossil fuel champion into the White House instead of the people’s choice — the guy ridiculed for taking our climate challenges seriously back in 2000.

In any case, the partisan hacks are now poised to reverse Roe v. Wade, allowing the red states to persecute and imprison women who seek to end their pregnancies along with anyone who helps them — including any random Uber driver who takes her to the doctor.

Along with this, this same group of partisan hacks appear ready to reverse affirmative action. Presumably, they’ll follow up by trashing voting rights, because the GOP fears that most voters, if their votes are allowed to count, won’t vote for Republicans. They’re right.

But, wait! Aren’t these principled jurists, simply “calling balls and strikes” as Justice (sic) Roberts is fond of saying?

Their “principles” are infinitely flexible, selectively enforced or violated based on their political leanings. Just as Republicans spend like drunken sailors when they are in power — making an open mockery of their commitment to fiscal responsibility — these Republican jurists make a mockery of their alleged disgust at a Court that legislates from the bench. They ARE the Court that legislates from the bench. And they LOVE it.

We see it. We should call it out, and not allow a false undeserved dignity to mask this massive partisan hypocrisy.

I’m calling it. Like balls and strikes.



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