Plutocrat Forgiveness Program Blocked

Ray Katz
5 min readNov 12, 2022

Court of public opinion prevents tax-cheating politician-bribing wealthy from getting yet another free pass.

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

After decades of unimpeded greed and abuse, the wealthy hit a bump as they neared completion of their project to ruin the Earth for profit.

“It’s unAmerican,” complained Joe Manchin. “We paid for this planet with the sweat of your labor.”

And yet the court of public opinion responded in what sounded like a late night monologue.

Can you believe these guys? No? I hear you. I know you don’t believe them. Nobody does. But indulge me.

They say they’re helping us. They say they GIVE us jobs. Has anyone ever given you a job? No? Of course not. They tell you that you need to EARN it. You need to earn the opportunity to make money for some rich guy who sits on his ass.

How do you earn it? Well, by promising loyalty. By having a record of loyalty to other gold-plated layabouts. On your resume. You need recommendations to certify that you are a happy abject slave. You LOVE to work!

Oh, but first you need a degree. Now, if you hold a degree, which costs you maybe $80K and takes 4 years of your life, where admittedly they teach you a few things…but things you should have learned in high school. Now, if you hold one of those degrees, they might consider you. After all, where would you go? You have $80K in debt to pay off.

So, you and most of the people on the planet are working full time for these jerks for pretty much your entire life. You spend your life preparing your own children to work for those same jerks (okay, the kids of those jerks) for THEIR entire lives.

One day you wake up and say, “I’m not going to work. Work is stupid. The whole thing is a lie and everyone knows it’s a lie.” So, you vow that TODAY you are not going to work. You are going outside and telling the truth instead.

They call it Occupy. Suddenly, there are crowds of happy, playful, silly people everywhere around the world, hanging out and having a good time. They are ridiculing the rich people. They’re saying “we’re on to you!” They aren’t working, wasting their lives in meetings, groveling before those know-nothing do-nothing people who had been ordering them



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