Politicians, Businessmen and Media Are Telling You: We Will Finish Off the Earth

Ray Katz
6 min readAug 5, 2023

The Democrats are useless. The GOP is worse. The only way to survive is to ditch the system, and put sane, caring and competent people in charge of a worldwide emergency climate program. Sounds impossible? Not a bit.

The threat to stop nonexistent progress.

As I write these words, I see the headline on the New York Times — the physical paper — which I have in front of me. It reads:

“GOP Blueprint for ’24: Gutting Climate Progress”

And it goes on to say, in the subhead, “Conservative Group’s Plan for a Republican President Relies on Fossil Fuels”.


Petro-Plutocrats Have A Plan

The political and economic systems have one plan with two party hats:

  1. To provide some cover for fossil fuel profiteers while they finish destroying our children’s Earth to maximize shareholder returns by enacting toothless “regulations” and financial incentives, OR
  2. To brutally and openly gut even those token efforts to slow the climate collapse, claiming that the economy is more important and that maybe the climate isn’t such a big problem anyway.



Ray Katz

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