Politicians: Don’t You Dare Talk to Me About Children

Ray Katz
3 min readNov 10, 2023

The GOP threatens children, with glee. And the Democrats fail to protect children because they, like the GOP, take money from the people who are destroying the planet for profit.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

It’s always drill, drill, drill. That’s one of the many stupid battle cries of the GOP who works tirelessly to ensure that our children live (if they live at all) on a post-apocalyptic hellhole Earth. Then they spout off about “parental rights” as they ban books and demonize an entirely harmless minority (this time, it’s trans people) to draw attention away from the fact that the GOP is the demon.

Meanwhile, a conflicted but nonetheless fatally destructive Democratic Party, continues to make “green” noises, and praises it’s own woefully tiny and inadequate climate effort (the Inflation Reduction Act), while expanding fossil fuel production. They’ve opened up new pristine parts of Alaskan Wilderness to the oil fiends.

Might as well put up a giant sign: CHILDREN DIE.

Well, the truth is, I personally want Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump (or whatever moron the GOP puts up as their 2024 candidate), in the same way I would prefer to do battle with Gorbachev than Stalin.

Because when we defy the authorities, and put competent climate scientists in control, and start the worldwide climate emergency program, I’d rather be challenging someone who’s opposes us without SHOOTING at us. Ultimately, whoever gets elected, we will be voting for our planet and our children. And we will vote by ending the influence of oil fiends, and the politicians that serve them.

The Right To Sanity

We rarely even hear a sane opinion or idea in the media because leaders everywhere don’t have a sane idea.

All of them are completely unrealistic about the climate, somehow believe that “realpolitik” can ignore physics and chemistry. But, WE can see that the climate is collapsing now. WE can see that the scientists were and are correct. WE can see that the politicians and oil fiends are out of their depth.

And here’s the thing: some of us have decided we aren’t going along. We are going to stop the insanity.



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