Re-calibrating a Movement

Ray Katz
3 min readMay 29, 2024


Medium is no longer the center. Now there is “First and Free”!

You’ll be hearing more about this sign on First and Free

When situations change, I feel the need to change with them. I don’t want to be reacting too much. It’s important to take control and, insofar as possible, to drive events.

Medium has changed. I’m reaching far fewer people. This happened after I joined their premium program. I’m a friend of Medium, but I’m not happy with how Medium treats its friends. Something with their algorithm is different — and not good.

As you know, I’ve been promoting The Saners movement. It a group (numbering in the hundreds but growing) that intends to prevent climate collapse and create a more humane society than what we have now. (Talk about a low bar to clear!) We’ve been using many approaches to spreading the word, but Medium has been the primary method.

Or should I say had been?

Continuing Here But Try “First and Free”

So, here’s some of the pieces of the Saners movement.

  1. This Medium account, along with a separate Saners publication on Medium
  2. A new Substack newsletter
  3. The podcast 5 Minutes to Save the Earth
  4. A widely distributed eBook called We, the Sane People of Earth
  5. Several small and tenuous attempts at public action
  6. Various live chats — both individually and with groups of Saners
  7. An email list with updates and other notifications to Saners who have signed up

And then there’s the website: That’s the new hub. I will be continuing to publish here, but the focus will be the blog at the website and the email list. Medium sharply reduced my reach overnight. Nobody can do that to my own website and our email list.

That’s wholly controlled by the movement.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

If you are enjoying Medium, keep reading about the Saners here! The account now has 2,000 followers — but sadly, a smaller and shrunken body of readers.

I urge you to visit the website, to sign up for the Saners email list (if you haven’t already) AND ESPECIALLY sign up for First and Free. What is First and Free? It’s a notification email letting you know when a new Saners essay has been published on the website blog. That’s where all the best Saners material will be appearing FIRST and, unlike Medium which charges an annual fee for full access, it’s always 100% free on the Saners blog.

Sign up for First and Free right HERE. See the blog HERE! Hey, there’s a new blog entry today called The Green Dot Revolution. (That’s be coming to Medium…later…)

What Else Is Happening?

I’m re-evaluating all the current and past efforts, deciding what to continue, what to end, and what to restore. I don’t have answers yet. But the Saners will continue.

Please follow me on Medium…anyway…. ;-) But to get new Saners essays FIRST and FREE, please sign up HERE!



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