Spend Your Time With Sane Caring People

Ray Katz
3 min readOct 2, 2022

That’s how we save the world. Because it’s up to us.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

There’s a big part of the world that’s obsessed with ideology and religion and politics and business — all of which is mostly about controlling other people. There is a tiny number of people who have seized most of the money and power. These people want to control others to maintain (and expand) their wealth and influence.

Much of their success is due to buying influence (using their K Street lobbyists, PR companies, media companies); most people talk about what THEY want us to talk about. You know — the economy, which means making sure THEY get all of the money under the pretext that SOME may dribble down to the people who do all the work and produce all of the wealth. That’s supposed to be our focus along with other various vapid topics of the day.

We are supposed to be admirers of those “accomplished” people and we are expected to listen to them for their sage advice.

With our cooperation, those few people are getting their way. There’s only one small problem — reality itself is upsetting their plans. So, instead of focusing on the battle of whether plutocrats or fascists or old-style dictators control things (those are the “choices” we are offered), people are starting to notice that we all live together on a planet that is increasingly hostile to our species.

The people who hold power were pretty unhappy to be identified and exposed some years back. You know who they are: the 1%. They didn’t like that we discovered they are evading taxes and protecting their (unearned) wealth overseas. (You remember: the Panama Papers, and the Paradise Papers.) Still, they were able to keep going.

Now things are looking worse for them. For all of us.

The thing is, NOT EVERYONE is hypnotized by the media and PR and all that nonsense. Some of us are aware and sane and want to avoid the climate apocalypse. I’m betting that there are, at minimum, one billion of us — out of nearly 8 billion people on this planet. That may be a minority, but it’s still a big number.

We’ve got enough people to change things. We won’t do it by voting. We will do it by working together and disrupting and repeating the truth so often that it becomes impossible to…



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