The Root of the Climate Crisis

Ray Katz
4 min readNov 3, 2023

In effect, arsonists are in charge of the climate fire department. We need to put climate scientists in charge, and fire the fire starters.

Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

It isn’t that we don’t know what to do about the climate crisis. We know. We’ve been told in clear language 35 years ago. We know that we need to slash fossil fuel use, and take other measures required by Nature Herself to stabilize the climate that our so-called civilization has been rapidly destroying.

The problem is obvious: the authorities, the people in charge, those who make policy decisions, who make decisions about energy and production — they have chosen to perpetuate and exacerbate the crisis. And they’ve been making all the decisions in direct violation of the science for the 35 years since the warning.

They are still in charge. THEY are the root of the problem.

Sort of. They are clearly at fault. But WE are in a position to stop the problem and take appropriate action. Because THEY depend on us.

The people in charge — oil sheiks, and billionaires and various politicians and institutions that they essentially own — THEY don’t actually DO anything. They use their wealth and positions to issue orders.

WE — ordinary non-decision makers like US — have been taking those orders and are essentially carrying out the biggest murder-suicide in history at the request of those authorities.

WE could choose NOT TO. To be sure, the authorities have made it difficult for us to disobey them. But we CAN stop them. We MUST stop them.

What Needs to Happen

We don’t need everybody working together. More is better, but a small number of gutsy determined people are all that’s required to get the ball rolling.

The first steps are:

  1. Issue and publicize very clear demands and warnings to the authorities.
  2. Use the publicity to recruit more activists.
  3. Begin making it increasingly difficult for the authorities to commit their atrocities.
  4. Escalate.
  5. Repeat the demands. Stubbornly persist until victory.
  6. Put scientists, assisted by young climate activists, in charge…



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