The Saners Are Coming

Ray Katz
5 min readAug 20, 2023

You and I will rescue our grievously damaged planet.

Photo by Mohammad Mardani on Unsplash

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No authority or leader or government or institution or billionaire is coming to save us.

The climate is collapsing right now before our eyes. All authorities have failed consistently for every minute of the 35+ years since climate scientist James Hansen publicly warned Congress — and all of us — that we need to slash CO2 emissions sharply and quickly — or suffer serious consequences.

The consequences are here. The latest victims include the people of a town in Maui, who’s homes and lives were destroyed. The increasingly frequent and ferocious disasters we are seeing are NOT natural. They are the inevitable results of ongoing crimes against humanity and crimes against Nature.

We all know the identities of the perpetrators. They include oil companies, Wall Street, all kinds of ultra-wealthy fossil fuel profiteers, and those who profit from assisting them — especially politicians and media. We know all about the flow of money from wealthy people and corporations via their lobbyists to politicians. We fully understand that the policies that facilitate their “profitable” trashing of our planet are purchased. Sensible people never refer to those bribes as “donations.”

But it’s not about the criminals. It’s about Earth and Nature and our children and all living things. We must come to the rescue since the people with power and authority and wealth have failed. It’s up to us. Fortunately, together we can do this.

That’s right. We can.

A Well-Worn Approach

We will be using a methodology pioneered by Mohandas Gandhi, and advanced by others. We will use our version of satyagraha.

Satyagraha is the active non-violence promoted and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi, and later others including Martin Luther King. It is NOT a passive approach. It seizes the initiative and forces change by applying moral force.

Moral force is a seriously under-rated power, which is one reason why it is so powerful. Properly applied, it cannot be defeated. Because moral force is built into every human being. It is a part of our Nature.



Ray Katz

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