UBI, Degrowth and Putting Out the Fire Consuming Our House

Ray Katz
4 min readSep 5, 2022

What we should be doing instead of what we’re doing.

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Money is a construct. Right now, it’s being used as a tool enabling a small number of ultra-rich people to rip off and control most of the people on Earth. Others produce, and they take.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, these same rich people control governments by financing politicians (I call this bribery) and ensuring that the entire planet is devastated by climate abuse — for personal profit.

For money.

I say, screw that. The current plan is, in effect, let’s suffer and die and kill the planet so our children have no future because that’s the way things are done. Let’s say no to this. Instead, we need to do things differently.

Are we together on this?

Let’s Create What We Need, and Not A Bunch of Crap

We need to produce food, clothing, shelter, medicine, clean energy and culture (creativity and storytelling in all its forms are essential for human thriving), and not much else. Probably 90% of what we produce is shit that wastes our time (and therefore our lives) and fouls up our environment. That 90% needs to be cleaned up after it’s discarded. In effect, 90% of what we produce creates negative value — except for the profit that goes to the wealthy few.

Why not instead produce only what’s needed? We can still use money (the construct), except use it differently to ensure that people get what they need. We can finally establish a Universal Basic Income.

And what about cleaning up the climate mess? We’d have a plan, devised by climate scientists and engineers (NOT politicians and business people — two groups that have consistently failed catastrophically to do anything useful about the climate) and get it going. Maybe like…a Green New Deal. With people paid and/or volunteering to take the actions needed. Building clean energy power plants. Making solar panels and windmills. Whatever the scientists decide is the best way to go.

Decades of Failed Leadership Makes Some Suffering Unavoidable



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