What If We ARE Doomed?

Ray Katz
5 min readNov 7, 2023

Some very sharp competent climate scientists believe we are past the point of no return. What if they are correct?

Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash

It certainly appears that climate degradation is accelerating. This situation of noticeably increasing heat, and more and more frequent deadly weather events —it is obvious and easily observable.

It certainly doesn’t look like we’ve got decades or even years to “transition” to a carbon neutral civilization.

Not that we’ve made any meaningful steps in that direction.

But what if it all falls apart in 5 years? Or 2 years. What if our civilization collapses tomorrow?

It’s Possible That We’ve Already Missed ALL of Our Targets

We’ve been hearing about target dates and certain critical numbers. We must not let the average temperature hit or exceed an increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius. We have until 2030 to do something: become carbon neutral, switch to clean energy, whatever.

The actual genuine and critically important information provided by competent climate scientists has been mixed with the lies and green washing of businessmen and politicians. It’s like someone added arsenic to your morning cornflakes.

As a result, even though we have all the information we need, it’s difficult to understand what’s going on. That blurring of reality is, of course, intentional and evil and incredibly stupid. It’s the strategy of people who are happy to destroy the entire planet for…astoundingly! (Wait for it.)…MONEY!…even though they already have more than they could ever spend!

This is why our movement is called The Saners. We are the opposition to people who are insane, the people in power who have been gaslighting the entire population of the planet for decades.

We understand that they are lying fools, and that they will kill us all if we let them. They will even kill their own children!

Well, we won’t let them. But is it TOO LATE to stop them?

Facts and Follies

I’m not sure what precisely it means to be doomed, in this context. It COULD mean:

  1. That our civilization cannot continue and will collapse into whatever…



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