Who Will Stand Up in the Fight Against Cruelty and Extinction?

Ray Katz
4 min readApr 19, 2022
Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

Let’s recap.

Yesterday, a Trump appointed judge, one with so little experience that she was called “unqualified” by the ABA, decided to end the mask mandate that had been instituted by the CDC. A Russian dictator redoubled his efforts to flatten the people of Ukraine. Worldwide, in an effort to offset the loss of oil from that war, everyone is scrambling to get and burn more fossil fuels.

All of this is considered normal. These are mere differences of opinion and, well, everybody is entitled to their opinions? Right?

No. This is literally insanity. What is insanity? Denying reality. Insisting you are Napoleon. That the Earth is flat. That up is down. And especially, that wrong is right.

Insanity also means that you can deny that COVID causes massive avoidable death, that there’s a “rational” reason for bombing cities full of people into rubble, and that burning fossil fuels is absolutely necessary despite the death, devastation and destruction our decades of climate abuse has already yielded.

Excuses are made for stupid brutal actions and, perhaps worse, sane people are debating those loons and treating their arguments as if they made sense.

“Sure, I’m not in command now, but soon I’ll escape Elba and I’ll lead France to even greater victories.”

Would you debate someone like that? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d ignore that person and get on with your life in the real world. But if the Napoleon loon was swinging a sword in a crowd, maiming and killing everyone within his reach, you’d TRY TO STOP HIM. You’d say: “Hey, this loon thinks he’s Napoleon and he’s killing people. Let’s stop him!” And you’d act right away, because the situation is urgent and deadly.

Well, I’m sane and I’m gonna behave like a sane person.

I know this is like saying “water is wet,” but here’s some painfully obvious facts:

  1. COVID is a deadly disease that is causing millions of avoidable deaths worldwide and cases are currently on the rise — again.
  2. Putin is bombing people, causing mass death and destruction, for no rational reason whatsoever.
  3. Burning fossil fuels has…
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